The International Buddha Relic Tour Comes to Orcas Island

“What a tremendous gift for all of us here on Orcas Island, to have assembled in one place the relics of so many Buddhas, (awakened ones) including of course the historic Shakyamuni Buddha, Milarepa and Ananda as well as several others including Yeshe Tsogyel, a female Buddha. I have experienced a great heart opening as have my family and I’m sure so many others. What a great honor to have my art be graced by the presence of these great beings.”

Martin Gerard  2002 Orcas Island WA


Sanctioned by the Dali Lama


An Exhibition of ancient and sacred relics from the Historical Buddha Shakyamuni and of other great Buddhist masters from India, Tibet & China

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What is the Heart-Shrine Relic Tour?

The purpose of the Heart-Shrine Relic Tour is to benefit as many people in the world as possible in the next few years. People from all different religious traditions across the world have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view the holy body of the Buddhas.

Because the Buddha Relics are so sacred, every person who merely sees the Relics receives incredible blessings ­ whether or not they are Buddhist. The direct result of those blessings is happiness, peace and a kinder heart.


The Buddha's reflection within Streaght of Heart by Martin Gerard